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STEINWAY BLACK MASTERPIECE – an example of master craftsmanship

In 2000, Steinway & Sons launched the Steinway Crown Jewels, a collection of breathtaking pianos and grand pianos. Made using the most exquisite woods the world has to offer, each is a unique masterpiece that enriches not only the sound, but also the appearance of the home it resides in.

To mark their 20th anniversary, we are presenting the BLACK MASTERPIECE – an edition limited to 20 instruments worldwide, each with a captivating black look that will appeal to those who admire clean design.

20 grand pianos – 20 veneers

The concept behind this series of grand pianos is unique. Each of the 20 grand pianos is one of a kind, because each features its own individual veneer. To achieve this, the specialists at Steinway & Sons set out to find exceptional veneers. Olive, amber tree, tamo ash, eucalyptus or jatoba – each of the limited edition grand pianos is characterised by one of 20 exciting woods.

Black treasures

The Steinway Crown Jewels are examples of master craftsmanship. No two instruments are alike, because time and time again new, symmetrical veneer patterns are created to make each instrument truly unique. The veneers of the BLACK MASTERPIECE edition are equally artfully assembled by Steinway's specialists. Stained black, they give the grand pianos an inimitable new look. This is complemented by the inner rim, soundboard and bridge in black, and the cast-iron plate and all the metal fittings in anthracite.

A modern look

Understatement is the watchword of this edition. The clean lines of the music desk, lid prop and lamp shelves, and the anthracite Tahitian pearls inlaid into the fallboard emphasise the modern look of this grand piano which can also be seen in the matching bench. Each grand piano is numbered and bears an elegant plaque inside the case.

Traditional craftsmanship meets state-of-the-art technology

These pianos are Model B grands and are equipped with SPIRIO | r, the latest technology that Steinway has to offer. The innovative self-playing system provides top-quality piano entertainment, with the added option of being able to record, play back and edit your own pieces. Another special feature of this exquisite instrument is the cable integrated into the music shelf, which can be used to charge the iPad delivered with the piano or to connect a USB stick. This fixture is the first of its kind from Steinway & Sons.

The BLACK MASTERPIECE – 20 elegant grand pianos, each of them as individual and unique as their owners and an example of master craftsmanship paired with state-of-the-art-technology.

20 unique pieces - 20 finest veneers

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