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Steinway restoration center

Steinway pianos and grand pianos are built in such a way as to retain their outstanding tonal and playing characteristics over generations. From Steinway & Sons' founding in 1853 until today, our valuable pianos are largely manufactured by hand.
This also naturally applies to our restoration center, in which older or antique pianos are lovingly restored. That is why it is located in the Steinway factory in Hamburg. Only in this way can you rest assured that original Steinway spare parts will be used exclusively, and your Steinway remains a Steinway!
You will find some examples of repair work we regularly perform below.

Replacement or repair of:

  • Soundboards
  • Soundposts
  • Cast-iron plates
  • Mechanism racks and parts such as hammers and whippens
  • Saiten und StimmwirbelStrings and tuning pegs
  • Damper systems with felt, heads, tangents
  • Pedal and lever systems
  • Keys with frame, key tops and felt
  • Case parts such as lids, music stands, fallboards, piano legs and lyres
  • Revarnishing of surfaces

Please note!

The replacement of structural elements such as the soundboard, soundposts, or the cast-iron plate with original Steinway parts can only be carried out in our restoration center at the Steinway factory in Hamburg, as they are not shipped to third parties.

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