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Steinway Artist Jacob Karlzon’s music resides in the intersections where Scandinavian expressions such as space, melancholy and sensitivity blend with heat and passion. His playing style boasts technical brilliance, rhythmic and harmonic complexity, and an innate feel for form.

Karlzon called his Spiriocast “a way of saying hello… and to show different parts of my personality.” For Karlzon, Spiriocast is “in between a recording and a live performance; it’s a true segment in itself, something completely new… being present without being there. Your spirit is there, even if your body isn’t.” The Swedish pianist performed a recital program of originals that included “Art of Resistance,” “Promises Kept,” and “Nordic Noir.”

Spiriocast is an unrivaled, unfiltered audio and visual experience delivered to any and every Steinway & Sons Spirio | r, the world’s finest high resolution player piano. Spiriocast is the broadcast of high resolution music data to one Spirio | r piano or many Spirio instruments.


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