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“Steinway pianos have been my piano of choice for over sixty-five years. I can remember going to the Steinway showrooms in Denver to practice, choosing a Steinway Grand carefully, and spending hours with my duet partner, Danny Guerrero, as we prepared for our debut with the symphony (I was thirteen and it was 1952). After my debut playing Mozart, I continued looking for a Steinway wherever I could find one. When I moved to New York in 1963, my Steinway was the first purchase I made - a glorious instrument on which I have written every song I have ever recorded and performed, and practiced for hours to the resounding smoothness and beauty of this piano's heart. The Steinway has seen me through the worst and best of times. It has always been there for me, sweet and embracing as an old and trusted friend. Thank you, Steinway, for making my life in music such a joy.”

Judy Collins


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