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A Steinway SPIRIO grand piano is a high-quality Steinway grand that invites you to play, fulfils the highest demands and offers a great playing experience. Play it yourself or let the grand piano play for you!

Be it Mozart, Liszt or Tchaikovsky, from the Beatles or Coldplay up to Adele – STEINWAY SPIRIO lets you experience the music as if the artist was playing the piano in person. Being a genuine handmade Steinway grand, your STEINWAY SPIRIO can obviously also be played by yourself or your family members. But at the same time, it provides the additional benefit of its self-playing mechanism and an extensive music library. Play or let it play, the decision is yours!

Experience SPIRIO!

Play the Steinway grand yourself

The Steinway Spirio grand piano is a fully-functioning Steinway grand with which you can experience pure enjoyment while playing.

Music library in the app

Use the app on your iPad to let the grand piano play for you. Choose your favourites from thousands of titles in the constantly growing music library.

Video for a complete experience

Play videos simultaneously via the app to experience stars such as Lang Lang and Yuja Wang or historical concert moments even more authentically.


STEINWAY SPIRIO, our first high-resolution self-playing system, is another remarkable masterpiece that will fascinate you. Immediately transform your living room into a concert hall to enjoy lifelike interpretations of great pianists.



SPIRIO is available in two variants, the models O-180 and B-211. The STEINWAY experts use all their expertise to integrate SPIRIO during the normal production process, ensuring that the beauty and the feeling of the instrument are maintained.

You want more?

No problem. With Spirio | r — our latest innovation — you can also record and edit.

New music in the SPIRIO music library

The music library of the Steinway SPIRIO grand piano is constantly growing. With a Steinway SPIRIO grand, you can each month discover new music from classical to pop.

New in June 2024

The Song of the Year at this year’s Grammy Awards, as well as the Best Original Song at the Oscars is a tune by Billie Eilish called, “What was I made for?”. Written for last summer’s hit feature film “Barbie,” it is the inspiration for our latest playlist that kicks off the summer season: Pink Piano Pop. And this month we complete the full cycle of works by the King of Ragtime, Scott Joplin performed by Simon Mulligan. 

New in May 2024

This month we welcome back a favourite artist on the Spirio roster, Renzo Vitale. This new set, recently recorded at our studio in New York, displays his absorbing sound world illuminated through his sparkling pianism and endless creativity. He is also featured in this month’s SpirioSync video, creatively integrating some advanced Spirio technology.

New in April 2024

Speaking of springtime, we’re highlighting some favourite playlists that celebrate the season. Spring on Spirio and Spring vibrations are colorful collections of classical music that should set the mood. Our Music for Spring playlist includes many tunes that are specifically written for the theme.

New in March 2024

This month we feature new tracks from the excellent young pianist from China, Wei Luo. She performs a short set of works by Spanish composers as well as Debussy, and is featured in a SpirioSync video of the Spanish Dance Op. 37 No. 2 by Granados recorded at Steinway Hall in New York.

New in February 2024

It is the year of the Dragon, and our Spirio playlists have been updated to celebrate the Lunar New Year this month. There are Classical standards like Jasmine Flower, and many popular tunes such as The Moon Represents My Heart. This is music that can be appreciated by all audiences.

New in January 2024

We start the New Year with a new set of tracks from YouTube sensation Francesco Parrino. Featuring film music, standards, and eclectic pop from Cindi Lauper to Green Day to Harry Styles, this playlist comes to us from Francesco’s studio in Italy, recorded on a SPIRIO B | r.


Every month, we inform SPIRIO owners with our Spotlight which new songs they can look forward to. And those are only the highlights of a truly enormous library!

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