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Welcome to Steinway Piano Gallery Oslo

Steinway & Sons was founded in New York 1853 by the German immigrant Henry Engelhard Steinway.

Steinway & Sons pianos today are still distinguished by founder Henry E. Steinway’s guiding principle: “Build the best piano possible…Make no compromise in quality”. Handcrafting each Steinway requires up to one full year – and the resultant creation is an instrument of rare quality and global renown. Steinway remains the preferred instrument of ninety-eight percent of the world’s concertizing pianists.

Today Steinway & Sons continues Henry E Steinway’s ideas in the production of Boston and Essex. The goal is to produce the best piano possible in each price range. Regardless if you choose Steinway, Boston or Essex – you are warmly welcomed into the Steinway family.

We, Steinway Piano Gallery Oslo, have the pleasure to welcome all to a joyful piano purchase. We will do our best to help you find the most suitable instrument for you. Regardless if you decide for Steinway, Boston or Essex, you can be sure to have made an excellent piano investment for the future.

Best Regards,
Gisle Daus, General Manager and Concert Technician 
Sara Svensson, Sales- and Marketing Coordinator 


News & Events

  • Steinway & Sons

    Steinway Piano Festival 2018

    Steinway Piano Festival 2018 gikk av stabelen søndag 03.06 i Oslo Konserhus. Vi gratulerer alle 40st deltakerne med en flott innsats etter lang tids forberedelser og mye øving.


  • Steinway & Sons

    Your Steinway Investment

    Times change and markets rise and fall - but for more than one and a half centuries each handmade Steinway instrument has inscreased in value.


  • Steinway & Sons

    Steinway & Sons Spirio

    Steinway Legends in your own living room!


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