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Latin American Classics II, Steinway Immortal Annie Fischer, French Birthdays & Steinway Chill

The first volume of Latin American Classics, first heard by Spirio owners, received a Latin Grammy Award when produced as a commercial recording. This month we release a new volume, again for Spirio first, that highlights one of our birthdays this month, that of one of the most famous Cuban composers, Ernesto Lecuona. All the tracks are performed by the excellent Venezuelan pianist Kristhyan Benitez, who also is featured in a SpirioSync video performing the most popular track from the first album, Adiós a Cuba.

Ernesto Lecuona
Kristhyan Benitez

Reynaldo Hahn was also born in Venezuela but spent most of his life in France and we celebrate his birthday this month, highlighting the delightful set of miniatures, Le rossignol éperdu. And of course, the great French modernist Claude Debussy, is essential to the world of piano. We celebrate his birthday with an updated playlist of favourites.

The celebrated Hungarian pianist and Steinway Immortal Annie Fischer believed the audience was an essential part of a performance. As a result, she made few studio recordings. This month Spirio owners will experience her playing in a SpirioSync video recreated from a 1966 performance of a Handel Chaconne.

Finally, whether it’s been a balmy season or stormy weather, our Steinway Chill playlist is updated for end of summer.

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