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Essex upright pianos

Should you be seeking an upright piano to be your daily companion on account of its size being a better fit for your home than a grand piano's, you will find the perfect instrument with Essex designed by Steinway & Sons. Steinway & Sons is the company behind every single Essex instrument and, accordingly, not one Essex grand or Essex upright leaves the factory without having first been conscientiously checked by Steinway-trained technicians. Thanks to the use of high-quality materials in conjunction with ultra-modern manufacturing methods and carefully controlled production, the Essex instruments provide boundless musical pleasure with unprecedented cost-effectiveness.

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Since your Essex instrument can be the beginning of a lifelong passion, our “Steinway Promise” goes for this new member of the family as well: If you buy a Steinway within 10 years, we offer a 100% trade-in value on the price of your Essex model

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