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Boston upright pianos

Do you not have enough space for a grand piano yet still want the spectacular sound generated by such a prestigious instrument? Boston uprights are a terrific alternative in such cases. In addition to a highly polished, classic black or white exterior, you can also choose from noble wood varieties such as walnut or mahogany. The dazzling, majestic sound of the Boston uprights is the result of of high-quality materials, meticulous handiwork and strict quality control by technicians certified by Steinway & Sons. Try them for yourself.The purchase of a Boston upright piano is your gateway to the Steinway family and allows you to benefit from the generous Steinway Promise: we will provide you with a 100 per cent refund of the purchase price of your Boston if you would like to change it for a new Steinway instrument within 10 years.

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‘You can hear the effects of the Steinway & Sons design from one end of the scale to the other.’

Bob Winter

Berklee College of Music

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