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Boston designed by Steinway & Sons

Boston grand and upright pianos are ahead of comparable instruments in the mid-price range when it comes to tone qualities and possibilities because the expertise and developments of Steinway & Sons are always incorporated into their construction. These include the patented Octagrip™ pinblock and the typical Steinway duplex scale. Unsurprisingly, the outstanding quality of Boston grand and upright pianos continues to inspire a growing number of institutions and friends of music worldwide.

Surprising fullness of tone

Just the fullness of tone achieved with a Boston grand piano is sufficient evidence of its prowess. When you hear it, you gain the impression that you are in fact listening to a considerably larger instrument. The wider shape of the case results in a Boston grand piano of 178 cm length having the soundboard area of a typical grand piano 189 cm long – and you hear that immediately.

Noble wood, elegant shapes

Every soundboard in Boston grand and upright pianos is made from solid wood from the Sitka spruce, a noble material that possesses amazing resonance qualities. The boards are tapered towards the ends, which allows them to resonate much more freely. And the result? A beautiful, rich, sustained tone.
The piano exterior also enjoys use of unique wood – choose from walnut or mahogany if you are seeking an alternative to the classic black or white.

The Steinway Promise

Owning a true Steinway is a dream that can definitely come true, even if you decide today on a grand or upright piano from the Boston range. If you purchase a Steinway within 10 years, we will credit you 100 per cent of the purchase price for your Boston model. We call that our ‘Steinway Promise’.

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