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Nine out of ten concert pianists insist on the Steinway when they perform on the stages of the world. And that’s why the Steinway Concert Hall Series was launched in 2018 to honour major concert halls in a very special way.

Each international concert hall is characterized by distinctive design elements, which are reflected in the design of the respective grand pianos and underline the hallmarks of the institutions once again. This extraordinary edition premiered in October 2018 with the Elbphilharmonie Edition, followed by the Shanghai Symphony Orchestra Edition in honour of the Shanghai Opera in 2019. The Steinway Royal Albert Hall Edition was officially unveiled on 23 September 2021 in London’s Royal Albert Hall. Steinway & Sons continues to launch two further editions in 2014: the Dubai Opera Edition was inaugurated in January, the Philharmonie de Paris Edition was presented in May.


As different as they are in their designs, all the grand pianos, which are always produced in a strictly limited number, have one thing in common: They also serve a charity project that is close to the heart of each institution, as Steinway & Sons supports every sale of a grand piano with a significant donation.

The fourth edition is already in the planning stage. And it will continue ...

Elbphilharmonie Limited Edition


The city of Hamburg, the production site of the Steinway & Sons grand and upright pianos, has acquired an impressive concert hall and new landmark with the Elbphilharmonie. In 2018, Steinway & Sons honours the Elbphilharmonie with a unique grand piano edition, whose music stand for example reflects the striking silhouette of the Elbphilharmonie.

Shanghai Symphony Orchestra Limited Edition


With this series, Steinway & Sons pays tribute to the Shanghai Symphony Orchestra Hall in 2019. Consistent with the concept of the Steinway & Sons Concert Hall Series, architectural features are reflected in the design of the instruments and let them become unique collector's items. The only D grand piano is dedicated to the SSO (Shanghai Symphony Orchestra). Another 19 Spirio | r grand pianos Model B round off this exceptional edition.

Royal Albert Hall Limited Edition


With a limited edition of one concert grand and seven grand pianos of the B-211 model, the 3rd edition is officially presented to the public on 23 September 2021. A ceremony is held to mark the reopening of the Royal Albert Hall after the pandemic and in particular its 150th anniversary. Sophisticated glass bead blasting applications are just some of the characterics of these grand pianos.

Dubai Opera Limited Edition

Dubai Opera Limited Edition

Limited to 7 Steinway concert grands D-274 and 7 Steinway grands Model B-211 , this series is not only an homage to the Dubai Opera but also to the 7 emirates that constitute the United Arab Emirates. The grand pianos are available either in white or black polished finish with elegant golden fittings and accents. The iconic Arabesque pattern of the Dubai Opera is applied on the inner lid. The music desk represents the traditional shape of dhow sailing vessels, whereas the legs and prop stick with their organic shape are inspired by the whirling sand dunes of Dubai.

Philharmonie de Paris Limited Edition


The 5th edition of the Concert Hall Series honours the Philharmonie de Paris. Limited to three concert grand pianos model D-274 and five models B-211 the design of these instruments is inspired by the charismatic bird mosaic on the exterior of the building as well as its striking rock-like structure. Whether on the music desk or the inner and outer lid — iconic design elements immediately express the artistic relation between Steinway & Sons and the Philharmonie de Paris.

Salzburger Festspiele Limited Edition

Salzburger Festspiele Limited Edition

The unique Salzburger Festspiele Limited Edition was created in collaboration with the Salzburg Festival and reflects the disstinctive backdrop of Salzburg. As a tribute to the impressive artistic power that characterises the Salzburg Festival, each of the limited edition grand pianos, available in only a few copies, not only impresses with its beautiful design, but also the innovative Spirio | r self-playing system, allowing you to experience artists live in your home. The edition is only available during the festival in 2024.

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