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From Sweden to Shanghai - Steinway & Sons celebrates "Young Talents in Concert"

After two years Steinway brought young piano talents together again! For the 18th time we were celebrating our International Steinway Festival in Hamburg. This event has been launched in 1987, touring through Eindhoven, Aarhus, Berlin and Madrid. Since 1994 the festival has biennially been held exclusively in the Free Hanseatic City of Hamburg.


For the Steinway Festival in 2018 we warmly welcomed 13 young talents from 13 nations. The up-and-coming pianists are at home in Belgium, China, Denmark, Germany, Finland, France, Italy, Japan, the Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland and Taiwan. In their home countries, they have been proud winners of their local Steinway piano competitions – which makes them the best.

In Hamburg, the young pianists have experienced an exciting festival program and, above all, a valuable exchange with like-minded people. The was the festival concert on September 9th at the concert hall “Laeiszhalle” in Hamburg. In this beautiful building the young musicians aged eleven to nineteen years could perform their musical pieces - from Chopin to Rachmaninoff - in a real concert atmosphere.
Yared Dibaba was moderating this unique matinee.

Andrei Makarov, Netherlands
*15.03.2002, comes from Groningen & plays piano since 12 years
Nikolai Koop, Norway
*26.01.2002, comes from Oslo & plays piano since 8 years
Paul Ji, Frankreich
*14. Januar 2004, comes from Fontainebleau & plays piano since 9 years
Rune Leicht Lund, Denmark
*19.08.2003, comes from Randers & plays piano since 7 years
Samuel Eriksson, Finnland
*13.07.2001, comes from Turku & plays piano since 10 years
Tom De Beukelaer, Belgium
*08.01.1999, comes from Mortsel & plays piano since 15 years
Vilhelm Moqvist, Sweden
*13.12.2003, comes from Götene & plays piano since 6 ½ years
Daisuke Yagi, Japan
*21.11.2003, comes from Tokio & plays piano since 10 years
Yi-Chen Shih, Taiwan
*20.02.2007, comes from Taipei & plays piano since 6 years
Antonio Alessandri, Italy
*27.02.2006, comes from Parma & plays piano since 7 years
Jingting Zhu, China
*28.02.2002, comes from Shanghai & plays piano since 12 years
Leon Zimmermann, Germany
*14.08.2003, comes from Mannheim & plays piano since 11 years
Zen Matsuzaki, Switzerland
*16.07.2003, comes from Geneva & plays piano since 11 years

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