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Steinway & Sons Coating Centre for a fine high-gloss finish

At the Steinway & Sons Coating Centre, Steinway grand and upright pianos are coated with the fine high-gloss finish for which they are famous — in addition to their inimitable sound. Turning constructions specially made for Steinway & Sons facilitate the lacquering process and ensure optimum quality results. The raw pianos and parts are first sprayed with filler.

One day later, the surface is expertly sanded down by Steinway staff and then overpainted. The Steinway & Sons logo is conscientiously applied and finished on the case and the fallboard, before disappearing under the varnish in the varnishing process and only reappearing in the next department.

The polyester finish is applied to a thickness of approximately 1 millimeter in several cross passes in the lacquering booths, which are equipped with an extremely powerful air extraction and filter system. After a resting and drying period of eight to twenty-one days, the finish is checked to see if it has the perfect thickness the journey can continue

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