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Pre-owned Steinway uprights and grand pianos make dreams come true

Only Steinway offers such an extensive range of pre-owned instruments: from upright piano to grand piano, from models of different series to our self-playing Spirio models, from vintage instruments to barely used pianos from our own collection – there is a pre-owned instrument for everyone!

As diverse as they are, there is one thing all of our pre-owned grand pianos and uprights have in common: They were mended and restored with great attention to detail by our experienced Steinway technicians, using only original Steinway parts. This is the only way to ensure the level of quality that both the instrument and its new owner deserve.

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Why Steinway?

Buying a pre-owned instrument from Steinway & Sons guarantees peace of mind

Steinway instruments are built to last for many generations and will completely retain their high level of quality when maintained properly. Since the company’s foundation in 1853, Steinway always had a special relationship with artists, inspiring each other to further improve sound, touch, beauty, quality and durability. Back then, Steinway set new standards in these areas – and still does so today.

If a new instrument would be a challenge financially, pre-owned grand pianos and uprights are a great opportunity to buy an original Steinway directly from the manufacturer. No matter if it is a grand piano that was played by renowned artists such as Yuja Wang, Sokolov or Lang Lang as part of our concert service program, or if it is a pre-owned piano that we repurchased from a customer, one thing is for sure: Nobody knows our instruments better than we do. Our creed “to build the best piano possible” extends to our treatment of pre-owned instruments as well.

Our experience is your advantage

The quality of a used grand piano is based on 12,000 original parts, precise production processes that were scientifically developed, and the passion and expertise of our experienced Steinway technicians. Their knowledge and skill are crucial for creating the unique Steinway sound.

Our pre-owned instruments are only cleared to be sold when every single one of the 90 specifications on our restoration checklist is met. This ensures that you can fully enjoy you pre-owned piano.

Steinway repurchase program

We buy your used Steinway & Sons grand pianos and uprights

If you decide that, for some reason, you want to part ways with your grand piano or upright by Steinway & Sons, feel free to contact us at your convenience. We know that your Steinway is more than just an instrument – it is the home’s musical soul, inextricably linked to cherished memories and family traditions.

When you come to us, you can rest assured: We will take good care of your piano. We will restore it according to the highest standards and with unmatched expertise, giving it what it deserves: a timeless musical presence. In our Steinway workshops, your instrument will be in the best possible hands while you benefit from the quick and uncomplicated process.

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