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Steinway Colour Collection: Setting the tone with instruments in colour 

Most people associate the Steinway & Sons piano, whether onstage or at home, with classic black. No small wonder, since more than 90 % of all instruments still leave the Steinway factory in this color. 

But piano lovers who, in addition to the perfect sound, prize a special, eye-catching design can still find what they are looking for at Steinway & Sons. How about a grand piano in your favourite colour, matching your furnishings, your lifestyle or a theme? With over 250 colours to choose from there is no limit to your palette.  

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Our high-quality polyester lacquer makes your grand piano really shine: whether plain in a powerful signal red, warm emerald green or extravagant erika violet, or two-coloured by adding an additional colour to the black body of the music stand, the fallboard, the inner lid, the propstick.... Discover the most diverse combinations in our configurator and give free rein to your creativity. 

With the STEINWAY COLOUR COLLECTION, we offer you the opportunity to indulge in your favourite colour and fall in love with your new grand piano! Whether as a classical grand or as a Spirio | r, our high resolution player piano capable of recording, playback and editing — get inspired and make an appointment with an authorised Steinway dealer near you. The STEINWAY COLOUR COLLECTION — grand pianos with personality.

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