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Lise da la Salle Spiriocast

Steinway Artist Lise de la Salle made her Steinway & Sons Spiriocast debut live from the Hamburg Spirio Studio. “The Spirio spirit is first of all amazing,” de la Salle raved. “Technologically speaking, you can be everywhere — in any country where someone has a Spirio. It’s a crazy thought as an artist. You can be in someone’s house giving them joy and emotion through your art. So my art is going everywhere thanks to Steinway Spirio technology.”

The French pianist performed a recital program of encores that she called “immersive, shorter pieces” in order to give listeners an opportunity to “take a journey with different atmospheres and travel with me” and to “have a great experience.”

Spiriocast is an unrivaled, unfiltered audio and visual experience delivered to any and every Steinway & Sons Spirio | r, the world’s finest high resolution player piano. Spiriocast is the broadcast of high resolution music data to one Spirio | r piano or many Spirio instruments.

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