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“My life would certainly be incomplete without Steinway. This instrument is like a soulful wise companion who takes you along not only to the depth of music but would open many new corners of your soul. Its abilities are equal to the genius of our greatest composers. Whatever I look for in life, poetry or science, I would always find generous reward touching the keys of this instrument. Thanks to Steinway I'm staying maximum honest and close to what I want to say in music. It expands my imagination and opens me new layers of the meaning of music. Being especially close to Schubert and Chopin in the core of my repertoire I value the most praised sincere human voice of Steinway pianos which the music of these composers cannot be without. It is with great honour I would carry the name of Steinway together with my work. It will emphasize that I always strive for perfection in my profession and that I aim to deliver my very best in every element of music. September 7, 2009”

Veronika Ilinskaya

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