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“The stage door opens and I walk toward the magnificent beauty before me--mind, heart, and hands eagerly await the sculpting of each musical phrase in resonant loveliness--the instrument is a Steinway. And I feel especially confident knowing that here stands the most finely crafted piano in the world. Those assembled alternately delight in whispering tones and rumbling climaxes, all delivered with the Steinway's unique and unparalleled richness of tone. A smile appears on the face of the young student as she sails through the repeated notes in a Sonata by Scarlatti--she is utterly amazed that the passages which never seem to work on her piano at home, flow with such ease and clarity at her lesson on the Steinway in my studio. How important it is for serious young students to understand the possibilities and capabilities of a finely conditioned instrument. Refinement, responsiveness, reliability, artistic rapture--these are what come to mind when I hear or play a Steinway. For me, the Steinway Piano has always represented the absolute ultimate in pianos. Is it any wonder that so many illustrious artists selected the Steinway for their musical endeavors? I am honored to be included on such a distinguished roster, and incredibly proud to be the owner of a Steinway Model B.”

Thomas Pandolfi

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