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“Having been a pianist my entire life, I have for decades recognized the superiority of the Steinway; it is the choice of the great majority of musicians around the globe, and with good reason. From my experience and perspective, this is the instrument of the serious musician; its reliability, flexibility, and beauty cannot be touched by other makers. In solo performances, chamber or collaborative settings, or concerto experiences, the Steinway is there, yielding precisely what is needed by the performer - the instrument for all seasons, all possibilities - rich, predictable, tender, assertive, sensitive, accommodating, with a limitless color palette - speaking to the soul - enhancing communication from the soul of the composer to the audience. Due to the superiority of the Steinway piano, I am without a doubt, experiencing continued growth as a pianist and musician. One should keep in mind that being a musician is a never-ending process, a process which is enhanced with a world-class instrument. At this stage of my life and career it is uniquely fortuitous to have the renewed inspiration which my new "D" provides - an inspiration to strive for the greatest levels of musical communication, artistry and beauty.”

Michael Rickman

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