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“Where do I begin?!? I consider myself very, very fortunate to have been surrounded by Steinways my entire life. I grew up practicing on a beautiful Model "B" in our home, and I estimate that I've put approximately 15,000 hours on that remarkable piano in my lifetime so far! On Saturday mornings as a kid, I would sometimes have the treat of trying out the Steinways that were on the showroom floor at Allen Organ Co. in Macungie, PA. The bar was certainly set quite high very early on for me! As an added blessing in my life, I was loaned a Steinway Model "L" for five years while studying at the Curtis Institute of Music - it was a luxury! Today my husband and I savor our gorgeous Model "C" on a daily basis in our Hollywood Hills home. Possessing a color palette like none other - the Steinway will always be my first love!"”

Joanne Pearce Martin

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