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“The Steinway piano has been my choice since I was 14 years old and already building a career as a concert pianist. The beautiful Steinway M that my parents purchased for me at that time helped me become the pianist and musician that I am today. What makes the Steinway piano stand out as the premier piano of choice for myself and the world's greatest pianists is its glorious singing tone and an incredibly responsive action, which allows the pianist complete freedom and flexibility in creating the enormous palette of color in sound needed to bring music to life. From the most delicate pianissimos to the most thundering fortes, from the slow nocturnes to the fast etudes - I know I can do it all on a Steinway! The Steinway pianos are each unique and individual as each pianist- allowing any pianist to find an instrument which perfectly matches their temperament, concept of sound and technique, and allowing all pianists - whether professional or amateur - to derive the greatest pleasure and satisfaction from their music making. Playing the piano is what gives my life meaning; playing the Steinway piano helps me to give music the meaning and richness it deserves.”

Susan Merdinger

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