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Igor Levit plays all 32 of Beethoven’s sonatas at the 100th Salzburg Festival

Played live on a Steinway grand piano – presented by ARTE Concert and Steinway & Sons

32 sonatas. 8 concerts. More than 10 hours of musical enjoyment. Steinway Artist Igor Levit took this year’s Salzburg Festival by storm when he played all of Beethoven’s sonatas live on his Steinway, which he lovingly refers to as “Monk”. There is no musical cycle quite like this – making it the perfect homage for Beethoven’s 250th birthday. And it is performed by the perfect pianist, since Ludwig van Beethoven and Igor Levit are so similar: Both are known to be very frank and to take a clear position. After all, this is what earned Levit the 5th international “Beethoven Preis” in 2019. The Salzburg Festival offers the perfect backdrop for these two outstanding musicians finally being brought together against all odds: It took a lot of hard work in order to make this once-in-a-lifetime musical experience possible in front of a live audience.

All concerts from this Beethoven cycle are available on ARTE Concert – the final one was broadcast live on 21 August 2020.


All previous concerts are also available for on-demand streaming via ARTE Concert for a duration of up to 30 days, allowing you to enjoy this outstanding musical experience played on a Steinway at your leisure.

Evening #1 – including “Waldstein” sonata (04.08.-02.09.):


Evening #2 – including “Les Adieux”(04.08.-03.09.):


Evening #3 – including “Appassionata” (05.08.-04.09.):


Evening #4 – inlcuding “The Tempest” & “Pathétique” (09.08.-08.09.):


Evening #5 – including “The Hunt” (12.08.-11.09.):


Evening #6 – including “Pastoral” & “Moonlight Sonata” (15.08.-14.09.):


Evening #7 – including “Hammerklavier Sonata”(18.08.-17.09.):


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