Steinway Tricentennial

In celebration of the 300th anniversary of the invention of the piano in 2000, Steinway & Sons and internationally acclaimed furniture designer, Dakota Jackson, created the Tricentennial Limited Edition piano. Jackson asserts that the final design of the Tricentennial breaks with traditional piano design by creating a continuous, flowing line from the back of the piano to the floor, merging the piano’s body and legs. Typically, Jackson says, this flow is interrupted with a series of stepped details reminiscent of classic Hellenic columns and structures.

‘Steinway is synonymous with Piano for me.’

Dakota Jackson

The introduction of this piano marked the first time since the early 20th century that a Model A grand piano was offered by Steinway in the Americas. In addition, the Tricentennial was the first Limited Edition piano to be jointly created at Steinway & Sons’ factories in New York and in Hamburg. In order to reflect Steinway pianos’ international appeal, this particular piano combines the expertise and craftsmanship of both Steinway factories.


Aside from reconceiving the overall “look” of the grand piano for the Limited Edition Tricentennial, Jackson also redefined many of the piano’s individual components for heightened functionality and elegance:

Lid design:

when open, the lid folds back on itself in a series of tapered sections, which fall at an angle, creating a fanned effect.

Lid topstick:

the topstick hugs the case’s inside “S” curve when the lid is closed, and becomes a striking design element when opened.

Music desk:

designed to hold sheet music like a pair of open hands, the angular music desk is mounted on a bearing to roll smoothly toward and away from the player.

The piano’s lines:

the rim line slopes down at a 6-degree angle as it approaches the tapered leg, and then takes what Jackson calls, “a dramatic turn toward the floor.”

The rim and legs:

the rim is raised in back, and the rear leg has been pulled forward and inward, creating a cantilever. All three unadorned legs taper gently to the casters on which they rest.

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