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Rent to buy

Rent-to-buy pianos: perfect for first-time buyers. The ideal solution for first-time buyers: rent your piano before deciding on a purchase.

The advantages of hire purchase at a glance:

  • Rent your instrument for 12 months at an affordable monthly price of as little as NOK 600.
  • Decide at the end of the year whether you wish to purchase or return the piano.
  • Instalments you have already paid will be taken off the sale price in full.
  • You can choose to settle the remaining purchase price using one of our attractive financing options (with a term of up to 60 months).
  • If you decide not to purchase the instrument, your investment is limited to the monthly instalments you have already paid as well as any transport and tuning costs.

Our entry-level range of rent-to-buy pianos.

Essex designed by Steinway & Sons – your first contact with the Steinway family!

Piano model EUP-108 E, polished black

Purchase price: NOK 62.000
Monthly hire purchase price: NOK 600
12 monthly instalments of NOK 600: NOK 7200
Remaining purchase price:  NOK 54.800


Price: As of April 2019 all data including 25% VAT. All information provided without guarantee , subject to change .

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