STEINWAY Luxembourg

Collaboration with Steinway-Artist Jean Muller

The esteemed pianist particularly admires one of the instruments chosen, the Steinway & Sons B-211 grand piano, as its rich spectrum of tonal nuances and its invigorating sound are very convincing.

A few modifications have been made to this instrument in Trier, which have bestowed it with its own exclusive character. This "Special Edition Luxembourg", the first of its kind, has been named after Jean Muller. It features special characteristics, such as the practical extension of the lid support, that enables the pianist to experience a more direct and 10 to 15% improvement in sound.  By removing the grand piano's piano lock the playing fluidity became materially more direct. The so-called "Spacer" provides for a vibration-free piano lid, which improves the sound in a natural way. Last, but not least, Jean Muller's signature on the cast iron plate ennobles this instrument in a very special way.

Should a customer need to and have interest in selecting his or her Steinway & Sons piano at the manufacturer in Hamburg, Pianohaus Marcus Hübner, as the exclusive authorized dealer for Steinway & Sons for Luxembourg, would be very pleased to help arrange an appointment.



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