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How to select a used piano

When presented with the need to purchase a piano, it is a good idea to consider all the options.  This includes whether to select a new piano or a good used piano.

When investing in a new piano, choosing a brand known for quality can instill confidence that the instrument will deliver many years of fine service.  The Steinway & Sons Family of Steinway, Boston and Essex pianos offer the very best value available. 

The Steinway & Sons Promise of guaranteed buyback of Boston and Essex instruments when upgrading to a Steinway Grand piano is a statement of confidence in the assured value of acquiring an instrument from Steinway & Sons.  

When purchasing a used piano however, the intrinsic value, the longevity of the piano, as well as the expected costs of restoring its appearance and functionality and keeping it maintained,  becomes very important considerations, especially when measured against the value of a new instrument from the Steinway & Sons Family of Pianos.

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