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April 2017 - Steinway & Sons is delighted to announce today the launch of “Armonia Limited Edition by Baldi” designed in collaboration with Baldi Home Jewels, the renowned Italian manufacturer of luxury furniture and decorative accessories.

“Armonia Limited Edition by Baldi” is the result of an extraordinary collaboration between two outstanding luxury brands, each committed to the highest quality and artisanship. Their shared quest for perfection make Steinway & Sons and Baldi Home Jewels the ideal partners. Both have been shaped by a long and close relationship with the arts and subsequently share the sheer joy in creating something beautiful for generations to come.

Steinway & Sons has been synonymous with the highest standards in quality for over 160 years; master to apprentice, generation after generation, every Steinway is built with decades of experience, by artisans who take pride in ‘building the best piano possible’, as once stated by Henry E. Steinway.

Baldi, for 150 years, has been creating impressive works of art, thanks to its expertise, experience and artisans secrets and skills. The impeccable use of precious stones, such as malachite, lapis lazuli, amethyst, tiger eye, the inimitable shapes of the mouth-blown crystal and the round and harmonious forms of the bronze, 24kt gold or silver or plated, elevates the company as undisputed master of classic and a nowadays symbol of the Florentine Renaissance.

To build an instrument combining the best of Steinway & Sons with the best of Baldi Home Jewels, the designers decided to work in two segments: First with a signature bronze from the Baldi archives and second with astonishing precious stones. The bronzes, designed by Baldi Studio, taking inspiration from a timeless art, follow a tradition started in the second half of the 19th century.

“Armonia Limited Edition by Baldi” represents the first segment and is available in five different piano designs, featuring melodious names like “Acanto”, “Impero”, “Muse”, “Richelieu” and “Sherazad”. The customer can choose between different bronze applications, and each design is limited to ten grand pianos. “Armonia” is characterised by precious bronzes which are all lost-wax casted and hand-chiselled. The self-built tools created ad hoc by the artisans decorate, enhance and highlight the shapes of the bronzes, creating a powerful sensation of depth. After the gold plating galvanic process, the bronzes will carefully be placed on the grand pianos at the Baldi workshop.

Customers who like playing the piano but also listening to it, can choose their “Armonia Limited Edition by Baldi” with Steinway SPIRIO, the world’s finest player piano system.

A masterpiece of precision engineering, technology and artistry, SPIRIO provides an unrivalled musical experience, indistinguishable from a live performance. With the touch of an iPad, Spirio brings “Armonia” to life with performances from the world’s greatest Steinway Artists.
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The “Ad-Personam Special Edition”, the second segment, is characterised by precious stones which are attached in small pieces on the surface of the piano. The results are beautiful pieces of art which showcase Baldi’s signature.

Each Steinway Grand Piano “Armonia Limited Edition by Baldi” will be distributed exclusively through the Steinway & Sons and the Baldi network. “Ad-Personam” is only available via Baldi. Prices on request.