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“My fondest musical memory was traveling to New York with my Grandfather to buy me a Steinway Model B piano for my 10th birthday. My Grandfather or "De-De" as I called him, believed all greatness could be achieved with hardwork, talent, and a magnificent instrument. The purchase of that 'magnificent instrument,' changed the definition of music making for me forever, and prompted hours upon hours of piano practicing. Every day after school, my De-De would sit behind me when I practiced and listen. He was struggling with Alzheimers, and I can't help but think that the soothing, pearly sounds and colors of the instrument, tamed and gave him peace from his demented mind. He passed years later, however, I can still feel his presence from that same tufted worn arm chair in which he used to sit and listen; tapping his fingers, sighing quietly as if finding some sort of resolve amongst the silvery sounds of the keyboard. Those same sonances exist for me today, and whether he is listening from that chair or somewhere else very far away; I know we will always be connected by my 'magnificent instrument,' my Steinway Piano.”

Marta Aznavoorian

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