The Steinway family

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We would be pleased to provide up-to-date information about the price of individual models of our branded pianos by phone – call us on +47 22 23 42 44. You can also request a price list directly from us. Simply select your preferred brand.

Steinway & Sons Grand Pianos

Steinway grand pianos from NOK 710.000,-

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Steinway & Sons UPRIGHT Pianos

Steinway upright pianos from NOK 340.000,-

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Boston grand Pianos

Boston grand pianos from NOK 230.000,-

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Boston UPRIGHT Pianos

Boston upright pianos from NOK 120.000,-

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Essex GRAND Pianos

Essex grand pianos from NOK 132.000,-

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Essex upright Pianos

Essex upright pianos from NOK 50.000,-

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