Now and Then

“to build the best piano possible”
Henry E. Steinway (1797 - 1871)

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Success needs courage – and passion. Both of these qualities were demonstrated by Henry E. Steinway, the company founder. Born in 1797 with the name Heinrich Engelhard Steinweg in Wolfshagen, situated in the Harz Mountains of today’s North Germany, he built his first string instruments at the young age of 20. In 1825, just five years later, he established his own workshop in Seesen. However, since it was only permitted to repair instruments there, he secretly produced his first grand piano in the kitchen of his house in 1836. This instrument, which became known as the “kitchen piano,” incorporated many pioneering developments for building grand pianos – such as the construction of a soundboard bridge made from a single piece of wood. For Heinrich Engelhard Steinweg, the completion of this grand piano was without doubt one of the most significant moments of his life. After all, it was the first time he acted on his vision to build the best piano possible, laying the foundation for his later fame.

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Standards rooted in passion - The World's finest Piano

Steinway & Sons was founded in 1853 by Henry E. Steinway and his sons in New York. Together they established a new benchmark in the construction of grand and upright pianos of the highest quality. Having developed more than 125 patents, the company is considered to be the founder of modern piano construction.

Each Steinway grand piano a unique masterpiece produced by the hands of craftsmen. We take our time in production – everything is done quietly and with care.

Since our company was established, we have produced pianos with great attention to detail. Each Steinway piano is a work of art that begins with the selection of the finest materials and is brought to perfection with great passion. On average, wood is left to dry and age for two years and it takes almost another year to manufacture a Steinway.

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