Steinway & Sons Unchanged for Generations

Top Quality - Unchanged for Generations

Impressive anniversaries of the Steinway & Sons model range prove that the best piano possible cannot be improved.  For 100 years and more, the majority of the grand and upright pianos have been manufactured without any considerable changes.  There is no better argument for the leadership of Steinway & Sons with regard to quality, longevity and a secure investment.
If you would like to determine the age of your piano, please register your instrument here.  We will notify you via the email address provided of the details of your instrument.  Please note that this is not an automated process and we will revert to you with the information within 24 hours or as soon as the information becomes available.

Happy Birthday Model M-170 and Model C-227

The Steinway & Sons Model M-170 was developed in 1901 and the Model C-227 in 1886.  These grand pianos offer you an incomparable sound, longevity an secure investment - handcrafted in top quality for years.

Other anniversaries at one glance:


O-180  110 years
S-155  75 years

M-170  100 years
C-227  125 years

B-211  135 years

V-125  100 years
A-188  135 years

K-132  110 years
D-274  130 years
O-180 110 years

O-180  115 YEARS
S-155  80 YEARS