Proud and Happy Owners



“A Steinway is the key to the world of music.”



Hans & Kevin - Germany

„My Steinway… love at first sound.

For a dream like this there is always a place.”

Britta - Germany

"People will forget what you said,
People will forget what you did,
But they never forget how you make them feel!
Buying a Steinway and meeting the people behind it,
was a moment of incredible feeling. Thank you!"

Mr V. und Mrs A. - Belgium

"It's not merely the warmth…
It's not merely the sparkle…
It's the love of detail that never fails to fascinate me time and again!"

Corsta D. - Germany

"Steinway represents the piano of professionals, but as an amateur who can allow himself such pleasures, I can imagine no other instrument I'd rather play."

Mr. G. - Hungary

"Steinway = musical freedom for every genre"

The B Family - Deutschland

"Steinway is the heart and soul of music."

Mr. K. - Hungary

My Steinway can do 1000 times more things than I will ever be able to do myself.
But it's gentle with me and gets the best out of me - each and every day.

Elisabeth B. - Germany

“Steinway is now an important member of our family.” We are extremely happy to be able to become an owner of Steinway which every music aficionado adores.  We are totally impressed with it’s perfectly beautiful tone and rich musicality.  It is as if an angel of music alighted on our home.We look forward to playing our Steinway and cherishing it for long like a real member of our family.

Mrs. and Mr. Y. - Japan

"I can finally express my musical ideas and feelings entirely - and be playful in the way I do it!"

Viktoria F. - Germany